1.5 Inches / 38mm 100% Nylon Paint Brush Marini Hala LittleThingy
Price RM4.50
Brand OEM
  • Tapered filaments for smooth even finish
  • 100% Nylon Paint Brush
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use


  • Tapered filaments for smooth even finish
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use


Using your brush:

  • When using water based paint soak brush in water for 3 minutes then shake out excess water prior to painting
  • Dip the brush only halfway into the paint. Remove excess by tapping gently against top of can. DO NOT SCRAPE SIDES.
  • Dip the brush like a pencil, using long, steady strokes.
  • Paint with the brush tip – not the sides. Start at the top when painting walls.

Handy Tips

  • Never stir paint with brush
  • Never let brush soak in water for  prolonged period - it will become floppy
  • Clean brush immediately after use

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What's in the box

1 piece Nylon Paint Brush 38mm/1.5"