Stanley PH2 x 150mm 6 Inches Screwdriver
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Brand Stanley
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  • Cushion Grip Phillips Screwdriver : PH2 x 150 mm 6 Inches
  • Chrome-plated bar, corrosion-resistant
  • Large diameter handle
  • The smooth domed end
  • For most home DIY work
  • The Simple mechanism provides reliable function
  • Long, lasting and durable


Size : PH2 x 150 mm 6 Inches

Available Size :

  • PH0 x 125mm 5 Inches
  • PH0 x 150mm 6 Inches
  • PH1 x 150mm 6 Inches
  • PH1 x 200mm 8 Inches
  • PH2 x 45mm ½ Inches
  • PH2 x 100mm 4 Inches
  • PH2 x 125mm 5 Inches
  • PH2 x 150mm 6 Inches
  • PH2 x 200mm 8 Inches
  • PH2 x 250mm 10 Inches
  • PH3 x 200mm 8 Inches



  • Chrome-plated bar ensuring resistance to corrosion
  • High-grade steel bar reducing the risk of tip breakage
  • Large diameter handle which offers great torque needed for driving wood screws
  • Magnetic tips – easy pick-up and screw locator
  • Nickel-plated bar protects from rusting
  • Product ID on the handle allows for self-selection at POS
  • Smooth domed end ensures fast spinning action with speed and comfort
  • Soft grip handle for excellent comfort and control
  • Tip identification for easy choice of the correct screwdriver for each screw type


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What's in the box

1 Piece Stanley Screwdriver Cushion Grip Phillips PH2 x 150mm 6 Inches